Gotstyle Woman Goes To New York!

UBM Fashion has created one of the largest fashion trade shows in North America. It's housed in the Jacob Javits Center and it brings together the world's most influential brands in footwear, accessories and fashion apparel. This year, our womenswear buyers headed to New York for this amazing event in search of the best trends, brands and pieces to bring back home to our clients. To say it was overwhelming is an understatement. It was 3 floors of fabulous fashion, tons of people also trying to navigate it and use the same wifi. Here's what we saw, we did and we ate! 

You might remember the party we threw for Coterie & Project last fall. We made them this sign & then we couldn't fit it in our bags to bring them :/
Impressive light packing by two fashion girls - we only used carry ons!

D A Y  O N E

The size of the signs were just a glimmer at how big the show was. 

Not only did we discover new brands but we returned to old favourites as well!

The most important time of the day, snack time. We tried Cronuts and they were amazing

We love donuts
On Charlotte: Tiger of Sweden Leather Jacket, Opelle Purse, Paige Jeans

D A Y   T W O

These textiles for Fall were gorgeous
We love this Toronto Designer for keeping it local

The Coterie Virtual Experience is what our dream home would look like

One of the things we were hunting for was exciting sweaters. 525 America seemed to bring what we were looking for. What types of sweaters do you want to see for next season?

Testing! We tried on as much product as we could to make sure things fit right. We also personal shopped... oops

D A Y   T H R E E

Hudson partnered with the Uganda Project and donated 10% off sales from Project shows to this amazing organization to empower youth through education and self love in Uganda. Check out the Uganda Project for what you can do to help

Hudson woo'd us with their unique jeans and a great party to bring awareness to their Uganda Organization and new collections

And we got personalized tote bags! Yay for tote bags

We did some product research - visiting the stores of the brands we carry or soon to are carry- excited to announce we will be bringing Diesel into our selection! It's not how you remember it, stay tuned to be wowed

T R E N D    R E P O R T

Lots of Checks, Plaid, Embellishment and pops of Red are coming for Fall.
Featured: Tiger of Sweden, Levi's & Diesel

Velvet, Burnt Orange, Ruffled Sleeves, & Stripes will also be sticking around for next season. Featured are James Jeans, and new brands Ali & Jay and J.O.A

Velvet, Burnt Orange, Ruffled Sleeves, & Stripes will also be sticking around for next season.
Featured are James Jeans, and new brands Ali & Jay and J.O.A


L'esquina from the outside looks like a typical street scene in New York. Inside you are led through the kitchen and into the magic that is this bar/restaurant. Tacos and Tequila what more do you want?

Pizza is a food group at Gotstyle, so to have the chance to eat at one of the top pizza places in New York was a dream come true. Rubirosa is a must attend, this was the SMALL size of pizza and we ate every last bit it was so good.

Check out this new hotel in Soho, it is dreamy! 

For most FW17 is lightyears away, for us, we're almost done preparing for it. Fashion is a funny thing. Now we encourage you to get back to being excited about Spring