The Ultimate Power Suit For Ladies

For the boss lady who wants a suit that hugs her curves the way they are supposed to be hugged, the wait is over... Introducing the Made to Measure program for women

Made to measure for women is not an easy feat. We have breasts, hips and all types of curves that fall on different places depending on who you are. To accommodate this took time, practice and a concise understanding of suit making, all of which our made to measure specialist has mastered as he took on this challenge of making suits for women.

We launched this program late last year, after testing out the suit making process on the real women of Gotstyle. From different shapes, sizes and styles, the made to measure program for ladies is ready. Since then, countless clients have praised the process, and the feedback has been promising as we seem to be filling a niche in between the high price of Bespoke suits and off the rack.

Arisa Cox in two of her custom made suits for the hit show Big Brother



We know how discouraging it is when something doesn't fit, but with custom suiting it's a seamless process of a few fittings so that it is tailored exactly to you. You are the designer - from fit to desires such as button colour or lining, with tons of cloths to choose from, you have creative freedom. If you want it to be monogrammed with a Beyonce lyric, we will nod with approval and add that to your suit.


The life of your suit is determined not only by how often you wear it, but quality of fabrics, fits and construction. Our suiting features a half canvas construction (sewn in canvas piece in the chest and the lapel of the jacket, and is fused on the bottom part of the jacket, allowing it to become like a second skin, without breaking the bank of a full canvas suit). Plus, it's made in Canada

You will receive the full custom experience, Konstantine has created measurements that target a variety of sizes and body shapes, allowing us to accommodate anyone. Whether it's for a special occasion, the office or it's simply time to revamp your wardrobe, our made to measure program is a great new way to look and feel great in your clothes.

What they make:

Pants from $325

Skirts from $325

Jackets from $995

Suits from $1295

The process takes about 6-8 weeks

Stylist Tia in her custom made suit

Stylist Tia in her custom made suit

This program runs out of our Bathurst location, to book a consultation please email or visit the Made to Measure website
Your custom suit is waiting for you! 

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