Denim Dreams

Skinny jeans may indeed be forever, so finding a pair that can measure up is tough.  When you find a good pair of denim, they become a second skin, you wear them everyday and when they finally bite the dust it’s a tragedy because what do you even wear now?

Here is our girl’s guide to FW16 denim

Meet DL1961 For Ladies

The Gotstye Man has been wearing these jeans for a while now and this top selling brand has proven it’s worth.
This New York City based company specializes in high performance and technologically advanced denim. Try them for yourself! The stretch and the 98% shape retention allows for you to move freely and comfortably. Coming with a variety of cuts, washes and weights, this brand should become a staple in your wardrobe.

Good for all body types but petite frames might like the lower rises better. Sizes 24-31 with a $265-$280 pricepoint

Three styles, Four washes (Emma comes in a black!), Four pairs of new jeans you need.


The namesake collection by Paige Adams- Geller started in 2004, when the market needed a female perspective on how to perfect jeans for women. She has created the ultimate jeans for women, they feel amazing with their transcend fabric that allows you to stretch, without stretching out. The higher price point is because of the quality fabrics that are made in America, LA to be exact.

Good for all body types, great for curves - runs 24-31, $288-$305.

Hoxton High rise ultra skinny: High rise waist with a front rise of 10” and a leg opening of 10 1/4”  Comes in a black wash or a dark navy blue. This is a staff favourite, you will leave in these jeans as they hold everything in nicely and can be dressed up or down. I repeat, a must have.

Margot: The highest rise of all! Skinny all the way down, this 70’s high rise revival with an 11” rise, transcend fabric and all in a cool true blue.

Verdugo Ultra Skinny: This season coming in a smoke grey, this ultra skinny in transcend fabric provides a slimming silhouette. It's mid rise, fitted from the hip to the leg opening, which is just by the ankle. 


The epitome of the classic American style since the 70’s, the brand is having a huge moment right now and you’re going to want to get a pair before they’re gone.
Affordable price point, great washes, comfortable fabrics and made in a sustainable practice as they are part of the Better Cotton Initiative.
In summer it's all about their jean shorts or the classic 501’s. For fall though we’ve introduced these new classics

Great for all body types, can size up or down for desired looks with these jeans. 24-31 sizing, price point $100-$225

710 Super Skinny Jean in Smoke story – a grey blue wash that is so refreshing, stretch heavy denim, mid rise and our skinniest leg opening at 9.5”

505 C Cropped- a mid to low rise that is slim cut with a straighter leg opening of 14 3/4s. Distressed and in a lighter blue, these are the jeans you will be seeing everywhere. Think they're too summery? False! Just layer with thick knits and layers to give it a fall feel.

When in doubt, wear denim. Jeans are a girls best friend if you have the right pair, they are worth the investment into a premium pair. Come in and try them for yourself!