It's a Wrap: Spring Scarves from Leigh & Luca

Designers Remix Collection Josie Scarf $158.

Leigh & Luca Saint Square Fringe Scarf $245.

 Approaching a beautiful scarf is like buying a piece of art.  Buy the colour, texture or print that makes you happy and with wear it with a care-free attitude; wrap it, drape it or let it hang loose.  Like any look that projects style it should be worn with insouciance, a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Leigh & Luca Tribal Triangle Tasseled Scarf $115.

Sammy Stripe Scarf $110.

Rooted deeply in classic French flare, this accessory is not one to be intimidated by and adds instant impact to your look.

 A scarf can be an accent to any outfit and is offers a flattering colour to your face, offering instant brightening to any complexion.  No need to see this accessory as weather dependent, scarves can be worn all year round.  For major style points this summer, wear a scarf with shorts or a dress to juxtapose this seemingly untraditional combination.